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Find a Trainee

We do the legwork to help you find the best trainees

If you have resources to hire a trainee in your department, we can help you find the best candidates. 

We can collate a list of relevant trainees that match your criteria    

Applications are presented in a easy to read pack 

We check that they are available for your dates and match your criteria.

We have over 800 New to the Industry members listed on Filmbase, from all over the UK, so we can make sure you're searching amongst a diverse range of candidates. 

How it works

We know how tedious it is to trawl through lots of CVs, so we've made it easier for you!


You tell us...

who you are looking for and all about your production,



we search...

for relevant candidates that match your criteria 



we send you a list...

of carefully collated candidates, in an easy to read pack

See below for examples of what our Trainee Candidate packs look like.

Request a Trainee now

 Send us an email us with your requirements

and get a pack like the one below.

Budget Bands:

Band 1: Small feature / TV (to £8.5m)
Band 2: Medium feature / International TV (£8.5m to £30m)
Band 3: Major Motion Picture & Large International TV (£30m+)

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