A selection of past job alerts that were posted to our Instagram and Facebook feeds

Please note: The industry is extremely quiet at the moment. That means fewer productions are starting up, and looking for crew. We are unable to send out Job Alerts if there are no productions crewing.

Members can read about the reasons behind this on the Forums.

Members are emailed full details of  job alerts that match their profile selections:

  • Job Role
  • Job alert preferences by budget band

You can edit these preferences in your profile. 
You can also stop job alerts by selecting 'no job alerts' in your profile.

Please note that we do not necessarily post all the job alerts on social media and members will receive all relevant job alerts directly by email.

Jobs are filled extremely quickly. Any Job Alerts from more than a week ago are very likely now filled. 

FAQs for Job Alerts  

How do I get these job alerts?

Job alerts are emailed to members. Please see the information on joining Filmbase here

How can I send a job alert?

You can send a job alert to Art Department, Set Decoration or Props Department crew by filling in the Crew Request forms on the relevant Directory page.

Art Department Members' Directory
Set Decoration Members' Directory
Props Department Members' Directory

I'm a member but haven't received some of these alerts

You will only receive job alerts for the roles that you have selected in your profile. If you are an accredited member, you can also choose which budget bands to receive alerts about, so please check which preferences you have chosen. If you are a New to the Industry member then you will be sent job alerts for all budget bands that match your profile settings. You can edit your profile setting here.

You will also receive different job alerts depending on your membership. Most of the job alerts are for Accredited Members who have 2 or more credits. There are job alerts for New to the Industry members, but not as many.

What job alerts will I receive as an Accredited Member?

You will be sent Job Alerts, by email, for jobs where the employer is looking for experienced crew. These alerts are generated via the Crew Request form on the Members’ Directory page, or from direct email requests for crew to

You will only receive these alerts if you are an accredited member and you have selected the job role that the employer is requesting. (ie, you won’t receive Job Alerts for a Junior Prop Hand if you are an Prop Master). You can also choose what budget bands you would like to receive alerts for by selecting options in your profile. 

Employers may also contact you directly from the directory by email.

What job alerts will I receive as a New to the Industry Member?

You will receive Job Alerts for roles that match your profile job role selections, where the employer is specifically looking for crew members who do not necessarily have any experience. In busy periods, when accredited members are not available, employers do also send out alerts for less experienced crew for more senior positions, but this is not very frequent. Unfortunately when and if job alerts are sent out totally depends on the availability of accredited crew and the number of productions in prep and shoot.

Employers also browse the New to the Industry Directory to see which individuals might be suitable for their projects, even if they do not send out bulk job alerts. So even if you're not receiving job alerts, bear in mind that your profile will be being viewed if people are looking for junior or new crew.

We will be adding a Props Department New to the Industry page in the coming weeks that will include tips on how to make the most of your profile and receive the most relevant job alerts.

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