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The 2023 Set Decoration Summit took place on Saturday 14 October.

"A unique's great to provide a particular focus on an incredibly
important area of craft skills." 
Adrian Wootton, Chief Executive of Film London and the British Film Commission

For resources shared on the day, as well as photos and survey links, please visit our resource page.

Resources & Photos

The Set Decoration Summit Sponsors:

The Set Decoration Summit is a not-for-profit event and has been made possible by the support of our sponsors:

With the strikes and the state of the industry in mind, the tickets have also been subsidised by the organisers Talking Point, The Classic Prop Hire Company and Filmbase.



A day of collaboration, discussion and food and drink!

The Summit was a chance for Set Decoration crew to talk about issues and hear from experts and experienced crew members on all the big topics; the strikes, rates, leadership, bullying, harassment, sustainability, flexible working and more.

The Set Decoration Summit 2023 was a not-for-profit event, made possible by our sponsors Rangarsons, Compuhire
and ArtHouse Hire.

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What is the Set Decoration Summit 2023?

The Summit is a day for Set Decoration crew members to come together and talk about all the issues that have been affecting the department over the last few years. We know there's quite a few, and we've got a day packed full of panel discussions and sidebar events as well as time to eat, drink and chat to colleagues old and new.

What will we be talking about?

It's a chance for Set Decoration crew to talk about the issues that you've told us that you're concerned about over the last few years. There will be panel discussions on all the big topics - the strikes, rates, leadership, bullying and harassment, sustainability, flexible working and many more. We've got some fun sessions thrown in too. (Ever wondered how your personality type influences your work and how you collaborate with or lead a team? Well you can find out at the Summit!)
See below for the full schedule of sessions for the day.

Who will be there?

Everyone in Set Dec and some key industry representatives! We have sessions for all levels of experience, from those just starting out, to experienced HoDs. We are excited to have a number of experienced Set Decoration crew and industry experts joining us, including Adrian Wootton - CEO Film London & BFC, Justine Walton - The Film and TV Charity, representatives from Bectu, as well as leadership and management experts, The Small HR Company. We'll be confirming further speakers in the coming days.

Will there be food and drink?

Absolutely! Doors open at 9.30 for pastries and teas and coffees before the first session at 10.15. Lunch will be provided, with drinks and snacks throughout the day.

How much are tickets?

Due to the current state of the industry, we have discounted all tickets for FIlmbase members to £55 each. This includes all food and drink plus a full day of access to all the panel sessions and sidebar events. Tickets for non-members are £65.

This is a not-for-profit event, and tickets have been subsidised by our sponsors, as well as event organisers Talking Point, The Classic Prop Hire Company and Filmbase in order to support crew in the current industry climate.

Can I get help with the cost of the tickets?

We have subsidised the tickets for this year, to ensure that as many people can attend as possible in these tricky times. If you need extra help with the ticket cost, Screenskills offer a bursary scheme. The Film and TV Charity can also offer some financial help.



Stage A

Stage B

Sidebar Events


Doors open

Pastries, teas and coffees


Welcome and

industry update from

The British Film Commission


Stepping up in Set Dec:

how to make the move up

the department

(For all roles under Set

Decorator and Production


Leadership and Management

for HoDs

(For Set Decorators and

Production Buyers)

Discovery Zone:


sustainability and

strike surveys

(This area will run

throughout the day)



Discovery Zone


Navigating Bullying and

Harassment in the Industry

(For all roles)

Discovery Zone



Discovery Zone


Negotiating Your Rate

(For all roles under Set

Decorator and Production


HoD Rate Consultation

(For Set Decorators and

Production Buyers)

Discovery Zone



Discovery Zone


Flexible Working

(For all roles)

Discovery Zone


Networking drinks and

closing remarks

The Sessions

We have a whole series of talks scheduled for the Summit with some fantastic panellists including experienced Set Decorators, Production Buyers and experts on the topics that we are covering. We don't really get an opportunity to 'train' in this industry, so we are excited to be able to offer a day packed full of advice and top tips on some of the issues that Set Decoration crew and HoDs deal with.

Stepping up in Set Dec: how to make the move up the department

It’s been a strange few years, with periods of manic activity followed by zero jobs! The normal pattern of stepping up has been turned on its head and this has taken its toll on both juniors and HoDs. How do you know when you're ready, and should you make the move, or is it better to hold back and wait before jumping into the firing line? We’ll be running a session on all of this at the summit for crew below HoD level.

The Panellists:

Kathryn Pyle, Set Decorator

Michael Standish, Set Decorator

Molly Blake, Assistant Buyer

Leadership and Management for HoDs

We'll be hosting a discussion on best practices for leadership and how to navigate the challenges of managing a Set Decoration team alongside all the other demands of HoD roles. Our panel includes Katie Spencer and Alison Harvey, both hugely experienced Set Decorators who will be sharing their tips on how they manage their teams. They will be joined by Tacita Small, Founder and MD of The Small HR Company, which has worked widely in the film and TV industry, and also by Sara Wan, Set Decorator and Co-founder and CEO of The Classic Prop Hire Company. Tacita's wealth of experience in team management and Sara's expertise as a CEO enable them to offer industry-specific practical insights and tips for success during this session.

The Panellists:

Katie Spencer, Set Decorator

Alison Harvey, Set Decorator

Sara Wan, Co-founder and CEO of The Classic Prop Hire Company

Tacita Small, Founder & MD of The Small HR Company

Navigating Bullying and Harassment in the Industry

The film and TV industry should be a creative, collaborative, and inspiring field to work in. Unfortunately, it is also too frequently a backdrop for bullying, harassment and discrimination. Our panel will be discussing the challenges of this aspect of the industry from all angles, both as freelancers and as department heads. Justine Walton, who runs the Bullying Advice Service with the Film and TV Charity, will be on the panel, along with Tacita Small from The Small HR Company.

The Panellists:

Justine Walton, The Film and TV Charity

Tacita Small, Founder & MD of The Small HR Company

Eva Onsrud, Production Buyer

Negotiating your Rate

Negotiating your rate is never easy, especially in times when job opportunities are scarce. Join us for a panel discussion on navigating the intricacies of rate negotiation. Learn how to address questions about your previous rate, consider inflation and make the most of the Bectu rate card. Andy Grogan, former Set Decorator and Agent at McKinney Macartney Management, who is experienced in handling tough negotiations, will be on the panel to provide tips on strategising and enhancing your negotiation skills.

The Panellists:

Andy Grogan, Ex-Set Decorator and Agent at McKinney Macartney

Netty Chapman, Assistant Set Decorator

HoD Rate Consultation

This session will be a chance for HoDs to find out exactly how the Bectu Rate card is calculated. We will also address topics such as rate parity with the Art Department, the rise of Supervising Set Decorators as a position, career progression for junior roles, and the impact of IR35. If you have insights or questions about these issues or wish to learn more, please join us for this session. The panel will include representatives from the Bectu Art Department Branch Committee and Set Decoration HoDs..
The Panellists:

Liz Griffiths, Set Decorator

Kathryn Pyle, Set Decorator

Krissi Williamson, Production Buyer

Michael Standish, Set Decorator

EJ Grainger, Set Decorator and Production Buyer

Flexible Working

We like to think that job sharing and flexible working are now well-established within the Set Decoration departments. However, while there are crew members who have successfully negotiated a work-life balance that suits them and the department, we are aware that there is still a long way to go within the industry as a whole. We will be speaking with Camise Oldfield and Rachel Corbould, who have both successfully negotiated a variety of flexible working setups, as well as Set Decorators Dom Capon and Naomi Moore, who have enabled flexible working within their departments. We will ask the panel about the feasibility for different roles, the various forms it can take, how to negotiate and request flexible options, and what makes it work for both crew members and the rest of the team.

The Panellists:

Camise Oldfield, Graphics Art Director

Rachel Corbould, Production Buyer

Dom Capon, Set Decorator

Naomi Moore, Set Decorator

Saturday 14th October 9:30am - 5.30pm

Hosted by Talking Point, Filmbase, and The Classic Prop Hire Company

At The Classic Prop Hire Company, Southall, UB2 5LF

Thankyou to our sponsors

The Set Decoration Summit is a not-for-profit event and has been made possible by the generous support of our sponsors:

Our main sponsor is Rangarsons, who offer incredible props, furniture, architectural items, textiles, embroidery, and haberdashery items, all sourced from India.

Compuhire is kindly providing all the tech and screens for the Summit. Compuhire specialises in designing and producing on-screen graphics for film and TV productions of all budgets. They can handle everything from pre-production to post-production and also provide a wide range of modern and period computer props available for hire.

Arthouse Hire is also sponsoring the event. Arthouse Hire is the go-to source for clearance-free art collections for the film and TV industry. Now based in Number Eight Prop Hire, the Arthouse Hire gallery is stocked with thousands of framed, cleared artworks.

Event Organisers:

The Event is hosted by Filmbase, Talking Point and The Classic Prop Hire company. 

Thanks to:

The Film and TV Charity for their support with this event.  If you work behind the scenes in film, TV or cinema, the Film and TV Charity is here to support you. Whether you’re a researcher or a writer, in casting or production, editing or sales, distribution or exhibition, we’re ready to help. You can expect a friendly ear at the end of our 24/7 Film and TV Support Line, as well as access to financial advice and support, help with mental wellbeing and a whole host of practical tools and resources. The Charity also offers a Bullying Advice Service, providing one-to-one confidential advice on how to deal with bullying, harassment and discrimination in the workplace. Along with its one-to-one support, the Charity also offers bespoke advice for employers, and employees, for the steps they can take when faced with or experiencing bullying and harassment. For more information please visit their website:

Cancellation and Refund Policy

If your plans have changed, and you require a refund for this event, please email, and we will process the refund to your original payment method as promptly as possible. Tickets are not transferable. 

Please note that we are unable to accept refund requests within 5 days of the event. Additionally, an administrative fee of £5 will be deducted from the refund amount.

If you have any questions or need further assistance, please don't hesitate to reach out to us at We're here to help!

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