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Rates Discussion Group

HOD rates discussion group

for Set Decorators & Production Buyers

A WhatsApp group is available for Set Decorators and Production Buyers to privately discuss rates and deals. The group is to enable Hods to confidentially share information that will assist in negotiating deals and rates to improve parity across the department.

The group is strictly for Set Decorators and Production Buyers only.

Upon joining, crew will be asked to confirm their name and that they are actively working as a either a Set Decorator or Production Buyer, and therefore responsible for rate negotiations. 

You can join the Set Dec HoD Rates Discussion Group with the following link.

HoD Rates Discussion Group

Click to join the group

The Bectu Art Department Branch Committee

Information on the current Bectu Art Department Branch Rate card can be found on the Rates page

Members of the Bectu Art Department Committee, who are also Set Decorators and Production Buyers, are on the group and are able to access past rate survey data and provide information about the rate cards to support discussions.

Whilst Filmbase is here to help HoDs find crew, crew find jobs and provide information and facilitate discussion within the Art and Set Decoration Departments, all the work on the rate cards and contract negotiations is carried out by volunteers from the Bectu Art Department Committee. We encourage all Filmbase members to also join Bectu in order to support this work done by the committee.

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